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X-Corrode corrosion control packets from JT Day fight airborne contaminants

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Available now from JT Day , X-Corrode corrosion control packets provide protection against airborne contaminants that can cause corrosion, such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Chlorine(Cl2), and salts.

When a X-Corrode corrosion control packet is removed from its shipping bag and placed in an enclosure, the granules begin to slowly vapourise. These vapours diffuse through the packet material into the surrounding air space and metal surfaces contacted by these vapours become passivated against corrosion from airborne contaminants.

Metals commonly associated with electrical and electronic components receive maximum protection. These may include; copper, copper alloys, tin, lead, zinc, chromate passivated iron, silver, cadmium, and nickel chrome plate. Most other metals, including iron and aluminum, are also passivated, but not to the extent of protection afforded to copper and its alloys. Non-metal surfaces are not affected by the vapour.

Vapours from X-Corrode corrosion control packets are carried throughout the enclosure by diffusion and thermal convection. As the air within the enclosure becomes saturated with X-Corrode vapours, vapourization of the inhibitor compound diminishes to the minimum rate required for replenishing lost vapour.

Tests have shown that once a metal surface has been initially passivated by X-Corrode corrosion control, the packet can be removed with corrosion protection remaining for weeks after. This means that frequently opened enclosures are also well protected by the X-Corrode packet.

The vapour concentration released by these corrosion control packets is typically in the lower parts per million range and, therefore, does not present any flammable or explosive hazard. Typically, these packets last up to two years.

Frequently used in conjunction with Humidsorb corrosion control packets, also available from JT Day, X-Corrode packets provide long-term moisture and corrosion control and protect metals from airborne contaminants.

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