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Weidmuller DC-UPS uninterruptable power supplies from JT Day Pty Ltd

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JT Day Pty Ltd  presents DC-UPS and battery systems from Weidmuller designed for reliable long-term operation.

Uninterruptable power supplies or UPS are commonly used in all plants, but primarily for mains voltage as they convert mains voltage to DC for charging batteries and then convert back to mains voltage for powering equipment.

In the event of the mains voltage dipping, the power is sourced from the battery until the voltage returns to normal on the mains power. Most likely this will feed a power supply to convert mains voltage to 24V DC. However, this not only complicates the power system design but also adds to losses in the system.

Weidmuller has simplified this process with its new DC UPS systems. Weidmuller’s DC-UPS uninterruptable power supplies utilise the existing 24V DC from the power supply to additionally manage a battery charging system complete with temperature based charging, visual and digital status as feedback for the control system while also managing the load.

When a 24V DC input fails the UPS will run on batteries for a pre-determined time adjustable from 0.5-45 mins or when used for emergency supply till flat to hold up the 24V DC system for as long as possible.

Weidmuller’s DC-UPS and battery systems combined aim for reliable long term operation when used correctly, utilising absorbed glass mat (AGM) valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries suitable for float charging systems.

When designing a backup system using a UPS, circuits must be segregated into critical (need to stay alive) and non-critical (not requiring backup) to ensure the UPS system does not become too large or cumbersome. Critical circuits could include PLC, HMI, safety systems, solenoids, servo control and other devices required to ensure the machine or plant is in a ready state to run when power is returned.

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