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New LED system developed to replace painted H on oil and gas helipads

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article image The Orga Circle-H system

JT Day Pty Ltd has released a new touchdown and positioning system for helipads designed to significantly improve the safety of helicopter pilots and passengers.

Designed by Orga, a specialist manufacturer of aviation lighting and developed in collaboration with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA), the new Circle-H system creates the ‘H’ via a miniature LED lighting system. 

This system is expected to become mandatory for replacing the painted ‘H’ on oil and gas infrastructure landing decks.

According to a report published recently by the UK CAA, the CAP 1077 system has been tested extensively at various test sites, the results of which have led to the UK CAA making the new touchdown and positioning system mandatory in British territorial waters from 2018.

Jan Piet Stock, General Business Manager at Orga explains that the CAA has been seeking solutions for years for improving the safety of helidecks, given that the current markings of the circle and H lit by floodlights have not been effective in all weather conditions. The UK CAA worked with Orga on a safer and more visible solution to improve safety and minimise the number of offshore accidents.

The new touchdown and positioning system consists of an LED-lit Circle-H, with the touchdown lighting system (H) featuring specially developed LED modules built up of seven separate components to together form the full H. The components are semi-flexible and made of low-profile stainless steel plates with a special anti-slip coating. The housing of the LEDs is made of offshore resistant and fully sealed marine plastic of high quality. 

The touchdown and positioning system is suitable for use in explosive atmospheres of zones 1 and 2 and is fully certified to comply with CAA-UK CAP 437; Offshore helicopter landing areas - Guidance on standards, February 2013, chapter 4 and appendix C; IECEx DEK 11.0072; Ex e mb [ib] IIC T6 Gb; IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-7, IEC 60079-11 and IEC 60079-18.

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