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Handy desiccant maintains humidity levels in junction boxes

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JT Day Pty Ltd presents Humidisorb Plus X-Corrode, a handy desiccant recommended for providing moisture and corrosion control in junction boxes and electronic enclosures.

Plants located in areas of high humidity fluctuations are exposed to humidity and the resultant moisture; it is important to control the moisture levels, especially in the electronic enclosures. 

Humidisorb is a self-regenerating desiccant that can absorb and release enormous quantities of moisture from the surrounding air without becoming saturated. When first placed in service, a packet of granules will rapidly absorb moisture, up to even ten times more moisture than conventional desiccants before coming to equilibrium with the relative humidity (RH) of the surrounding air. This will usually take several weeks to occur, even in very humid environments. 

Conversely, during periods when the enclosure RH is drier than its long-term average, the packet releases moisture in vapour form. The moisture ‘desorption’ process cannot wet the air above its average RH level. When the enclosure humidity rises above the average level maintained by the product, the packet absorbs moisture. 

The Humidisorb desiccant packet maintains a constant RH within the enclosure equal to the long-term average humidity by absorbing moisture when the RH rises, and releasing some of the vapour phase moisture when the RH drops.

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