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Lincoln lubrication systems from JSG Industrial Systems

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The Lincoln lubrication systems from JSG Industrial Systems are designed to introduce good lubrication management practices to reduce unplanned machine downtime and provide full machine availability.

Continuous lubrication of machinery during operation will reduce the costs of unplanned downtime while ensuring full machine availability for high productivity. Well maintained machinery also ensures good resale value for the asset.  

Machine downtime is mostly caused by bearing failure, a consequence of manual lubrication practices wherein the quantity of lubrication received by the bearings is in doubt. Too much lubrication results in high wastage while early bearing failure is a result of too little lubrication.  

A best practice involves lubrication of the bearings in small amounts more frequently. Proper lubrication is essential for effective preventative maintenance as the purpose of lubrication is to prevent metal-to-metal contact between two moving metal surfaces, reduce friction, remove heat, and flush out contaminants.  

Lincoln lubrication systems from JSG Industrial Systems enable manual or automatic centralised grease lubrication systems to be built to meet all application requirements, ensuring well lubricated bearings, bushes and joints.  

Key features of Lincoln lubrication systems:  

  • Lincoln parallel injector (Centromatic) system or the Dual Line (Twin Line) system is ideal for large equipment
  • Lincoln Series (Quicklub SSVD) system is ideal for the mid to small range equipment
  • Can be run with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric pumps controlled by internal or external controllers
  • Enables data logging, data transmission and alarms via GSM
  • Accessories incorporate Auto Shut off feature via RF
  • Does not require operators to be near any moving parts when a grease cycle is being carried out, increasing safety


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