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Fast Fill Systems diesel and fluid handling products range available from JSG Industrial Systems

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A single diesel fuel tank can hold thousands of litres of diesel….certainly enough volume to know that any subsequent loss is an all-too-often expensive, time consuming and environmentally damaging problem for any refuelling operation.

The Fast Fill Systems range of diesel and fluid handling products available exclusively through JSG Industrial Systems , now offers a number of solutions to this ever present problem, through its Diesel Fuel Receiver Check Valve, Demobiliser Unit and Pressureless Diesel Filling System.

Incorporating an aluminium body, removable/replaceable steel receiver and with a durable anodised finish, the Diesel Fuel Receiver Check Valve available from JSG has been designed to provide protection from fuel spills and eliminate the potential for loss through misuse or theft.

The check valve’s patented design is suitable for fitting to the Fast Fill Systems nozzle range of PitBoss, Sure- Loc and Classic, as well as all major brands of nozzles on the market, so there is no need to worry about compatibility issues. Importantly, once fitted, worn or damaged receivers can be replaced without having to drain your tank.

Another way JSG is able to add a higher degree of safety to one’s operation is through the Fast Fill Systems’ Demobiliser Unit. The Demobiliser Unit acts to ensure machines involved in a refuelling operation are rendered inactive throughout the filling process to eliminate accidental drive away, while still connected to the fuel line.

By doing so, the Demobiliser acts to prevent damage to the nozzle and receiver, prevent spillage and put safety first in any operation. The Demobiliser Unit consists of a modified dust cap (model C150), with an inductive proximity switch that will allow the machine to operate only when the cap is securely fitted to the machine. At the same time, having the machine operable only with the dust cap fitted ensures that dirt and other potential contaminates are not able to ingress into the line.

JSG Industrial Systems has also introduced the Pressureless Fast Fill Shut Off System. With a continuing trend towards the fitting of lightweight and plastic diesel tanks comes the heightened possibility of pressure damage. JSG has acted to eliminate this problem by introducing a system, which does not rely on tank pressure to shut off the diesel flow and, as a result, one that can be used on thin metal and moulded plastic tanks, where other pressurised systems would distort or damage the tank.

The simple operation sees a signal sent to the shut off valve to close once the tank is full, indicated by a signal sent by a vent/float assembly, thereby eliminating any overfilling problems. With ease of installation or retrofit to many existing tank configurations, the pressureless system provides another reason to consider the Fast Fill Systems range from JSG Industrial Systems.

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