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Dust cap monitoring systems from JSG Industrial Systems for mobile units

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Dust cap monitoring systems (DMS) available from JSG Industrial Systems are designed to enhance safety by rendering inactive all machines involved in diesel and fluid refilling or evacuation operations throughout the filling process.

The monitoring dust cap system eliminates the risk of accidental vehicle movement if a fluid nozzle is still connected to the onboard product receivers and the individual DMS caps are not yet refitted to the individual receivers in the systems.

Consisting of a modified diesel or fluid dust cap, the dust cap monitoring systems provide a signal to a warning device such as a flashing light or even the onboard demobiliser unit. The signal will remain with the warning device until such time that the DMS cap with an inductive proximity switch is securely fitted to the appropriate receivers.

In addition to the safety aspect, dirt and other potential contaminates will not be able to ingress into the diesel or fluid tanks through the fill point since the machine is operable only when the dust caps are fitted.

Key benefits of dust cap monitoring systems:

  • Enhances the hydrocarbon management systems
  • Eliminates risk of vehicle movement during the refilling or evacuation process
  • Eliminates risk of damage to people, property and equipment
  • Minimises risk of damage to the environment
  • Minimises wear to refilling or evacuation hardware
  • Reduces contamination to the diesel or fluid systems

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