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Point to Point is a familiar telemetry (radio linked) system with an array of applications. Point to Point systems are commonly cable linked (at huge expense) and are subjected to long periods of down time during installation.

Telemetry can be integrated in to any Point to Point applications that switch electrical components (digital Inputs and Outputs) or monitor digital and analogue signals (pulse and 4-20mA).

This new technology can provide a reliable and cost effective alternative to cable linked Point to Point sites. It will also create environmental and energy efficiencies.

Point to Point is the most simplistic form of telemetry and is designed to suit solar powered applications. It provides control and monitoring to remote sites that was not previously possible or affordable with cables.

The JO COM Telemetry Point to Point system utilizes 2 JCTRX Telemetry Radio modules: 1 module being the local and the other being the remote. In this configuration the JO COM Telemetry Radios have 2-way communication between both units. This allows a Point to Point system that communicates on its own network, free from interferences.

The Point to Point system can control up to 480 digital input/outputs as well as 240 analogue inputs.

The JO COM Point to Point system simply mirrors the I/O. If an input is triggered at one end an output is switched on at the other end. If a 4-20mA signal is feed as an input at one end the exact value (in mA) will be returned as an output.

This Point to Point system is simply a cable replacement system sending information (data) over air. This means that roads, rivers, buildings, cables, pipe lines and adjoining properties are no longer obstacles for data transfer systems.

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