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Benefits of telemetry

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TELEMETRY uses radio signals to send information over air, allowing the transmission of digital, analogue, pulse, and serial data, over any distance.

Telemetry provides a practical alternative to the expensive and inefficient laying or replacing of cables, according to JOCOM Telemetry .

A reliable and effective method of switching electrical components and monitoring analogue or pulse signals, telemetry has real practical and economical benefits over long distances and on mobile or moving equipment.

There is an endless array of applications and industries where telemetry can be of benefit.

Not only is installation simple and inexpensive (no excavation or cable costs), it is also much faster resulting in less 'down time'.

Using telemetry in applications will:

* Reduce maintenance

* Reduce cost compared to hard wiring using special cables

* Allow connection to moveable or moving equipment

* Create efficiencies in the workplace

* Create safer working conditions for employees

* Allow remote area control and monitoring.

Telemetry can be used to control and monitor:

* Flow

* Volume

* Level

* Temperature

* Movement

* Lighting

* Pressure

* Moisture

* Vents etc.

Telemetry can be implemented into areas such as:

* Irrigation

* Agriculture

* Farming

* Water treatment and sewerage

* Mining

* Warehouses

* Factories

* Manufacturing Plants

* Building management systems

* Environmental monitoring.

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