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Wide range of bags available from JMP

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JMP 's PP Non-Woven bags have fast become consumers favourite re-usable carry bag. With such a wide variety of styles these bags are not only popular for being environmentally friendly but also because they look great.

All JMP Non-Woven bags are made from high quality, lightweight materials providing strength, durability and flexibility.

JMP bags are re-usable and washable. With consumers using these bags over and over it provides retailers with a cost effective advertising tool.

Bags can be custom designed to suit your needs and come in a variety of sizes, colours, prints and handle options.

Bag styles:

  • Grocery bag:

Distinctively green this bag is probably the commonly known Non-Woven bag in Australia. It is sold into large supermarket chains and also smaller independent grocers.

The Grocery bag has been specifically designed by checkout staff and customers. With a reinforced base it is strong and flexible and can carry enough products as 3-4 original plastic shopping bags.

The bright green Grocery bag whilst being visually appealing is also water-resistant and washable. Therefore it can be used over and over not just for grocery shopping but a whole other range of applications.

JMP’s Grocery bag is made from recyclable non-woven Polypropylene.

It is recognisable to the general public in its bright green material and white print. However, JMP can supply these bags in any colour material and print. Sizes and handle lengths can also be adjusted to your specific requirements.

  • Bottle bag:

Carry bottles with JMP's non-woven Bottle bags.

These clever bags make carrying up to 4 bottles much easier and safer. Standard features of all bottle bags include reinforced material handle, double strength base and individual dividers to protect glass breakage from bottles colliding against one another.

Look at the benefit's JMP's Bottle bags provide:

  • Users:
  • Great for travel, picnics, outdoor events
  • Great to take to dinners and restaurants
  • Individual padding for each bottle
  • Washable and reusable
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Can be designed with accessories pocket
  • Carrying numerous bottles

  • Seller:
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Strong branding
  • Cost effective advertising tool when consumers reuse a printed Bottle bag
  • Less product wastage in store
  • Reduced packaging costs
  • Can be used as a promotional tool
  • Encourages higher sales as it is easier for consumers to carry more bottles

Traditionally in 2 and 4 bottle varieties, smaller or larger bottle bags can be also be made.

  • Tote bag:

Tote bags can be used for any marketing promotion; however they are popular with tradeshows and conventions.

Tote bags are a great tool to the provider as they can conform to any budget and provide a large print area, useful when advertising is a priority.

To the user they are even better, they can be used for day-to-day living, in public places, in the outdoors and even to the grocery store just to name a few.

Available in bright colours and bold designs, JMP's Non-Woven Tote bags are even becoming a standard accessory for the fashion conscious trend setters.

  • Boutique bag:

Looking for something unique? Look no further than our Boutique bag.

These stunning bags will create a lasting impression and are perfect for those looking for a bag that is visually appealing and has a high rate of usage by the consumer.

Various handle options are also available to add to the prestige of this bag. Handles such as tubing and rope are available in many different colours and thicknesses.

JMP'S Boutique bags are perfect for stores such as clothing, shoe and gift retail.

  • Fold-out bag:

JMP's Fold-out bag is the ideal solution to those with storage restrictions. It is quite large in size and will carry many items, however once folded down it will fit comfortably into small spaces such as a car glove box or a person's handbag.

The standard size Fold-out bag is 400mm x 475mm with a handy clip close pocket on the outside. All this easily folds down to a compact 200mm x 110mm.

A range of colours are available and varying size requirements can be accommodated. Printing is also not a problem for JMP's Fold-out bag.

  • Zipper bags:

Similar to its Tote bags these Zipper bags are a great everyday bag for everyday use with the added security of the zip close option.

With this extra security these bags become more flexible and are ideal for outdoor use. Accessories pockets are also available for direct access to the user's belongings.

The JMP Zipper bag is unique from standard Non-Woven bags and thus offers you, the retailer or promoter, a competitive advantage over your rivals.

A wide range of zipper colours and styles are available.

  • Duffle / Sling backpack bag:

JMP's Duffle Bag is a brilliant marketing tool. Not only do they look great and demand attention but they are highly practical and therefore have a high rate of usage.

These bags are perfect for sports, going to the gym, a day at the beach or any outdoor activity as they are smart in design but solid and flexible in structure.

With a drawstring closure these bags are made from a material surprisingly light in weight but high in strength.

The material is water resistant, yet durable and can hold a heavy load such as a wet beach towel or sports gear. Simply wash the bag and use over and over.

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