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Silica gel - how and when to use it in manufacturing

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Silica gel used in direct contact with products such as food and medicine is required to be manufactured by an operation approved by the USFDA. 

Though some companies sell silica gel in Australia packaged in USFDA approved materials such as Tyvek, the production process is not USFDA approved; the manufacturer using this silica gel in pharmaceutical and food applications runs the risk of contamination. 

Silica gel from JMP Holdings is USFDA certified for both materials and production process; JMP’s Unisorb brand is USFDA approved to produce silica gel from 0.25 grams up to 14 grams. 

Silica gel is used for:

Rust/ corrosion/ oxidation: Coin collections, silverware, jewellery, musical instruments, fishing equipment, hunting equipment, computer parts and electronic equipment. 

Mildew/ fungus/ mould/ odour: Long term storage, collectibles, clothing and leather goods. 

Spotting/ toning/ stains/ cracking: Stamp collections, documents, photographs and videos. 

Reduction of shelf life: Photographic film, batteries, hearing aids and camera equipment. 

Premature deterioration: Seeds, bulbs, grain, food and medicine. 

Unisorb Silica Gel

Unisorb silica gel sachets are made up of silica gel beads housed inside heat sealed Tyvek. Delivering high crush strength, the dustless silica gel beads also have a superior absorption capacity under a full range of temperatures and humidity and will stay dry once absorption is complete. Silica gel is chemically inert, non-corrosive and non-toxic. 

Tyvek, a high tech material developed by the DuPont Corporation is the ideal material to house silica gel as it has a superior water vapour transmission rate and allows zero liquid water transmission, making it completely leak-proof. The USFDA approved, non-toxic and safe material is also anti-static and dustproof with high strength. 

JMP's Unisorb silica gel desiccants protect against moisture damage within small to medium sized enclosures. Damaging levels of humidity can cause irreversible moisture problems for the product housed within enclosures, which can be prevented with the use of Unisorb silica gel. For instance, cameras and camera lenses are a perfect example of expensive and complex products highly susceptible to moisture damage. Unisorb silica gel sachets fit neatly into all camera bags, are inexpensive and will absorb moisture quickly and effectively, ensuring the camera equipment stays dry and in perfect working condition. 

JMP’s Unisorb silica gel range is available for purchase online.

The best way to check if any silica gel supplier is USFDA approved is to ask for the report where the Drug Master File Number has been issued. JMP has a copy of this report for Unisorb silica gel production and can provide a copy on request. 

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