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Rackable warehouse pallets from JMP Holdings

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JMP Holdings  presents a range of rackable warehouse pallets suitable for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Measuring 1160mm x 1160mm x 150mm, the rackable warehouse pallets feature a flat solid deck design and are injection moulded/ heat compression welded from HDPE. The cellular design delivers maximum strength and rigidity.

The rackable warehouse pallets can be hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sterilised.

Weighing just 20kg, each pallet can take a static weight of 6 tonne.

Key features of rackable warehouse pallets:

  • Smooth fork entry window sloped for precise insertion of fork during stacking and transportation
  • Special adhesive method eliminates the weakness of connecting parts during injection moulding
  • Steel reinforcement can be added to further increase the load bearing capacity
  • Flat top design for ease of cleaning and sterilisation
  • Designed to lock into racking for worker safety
  • Available in grey or black

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