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Pallet Sheets from JMP Holdings

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JMP Holdings  offers a range of environment-friendly pallet sheets made from recycled materials for packaging applications.  

A pallet sheet is a lightweight chipboard layer, which protects products from various kinds of damage while on a pallet.  

Pallet sheets are ideal for protecting products from expensive damage caused by direct contact with wooden pallets.  

Nails and splinters are a common nuisance with almost any wooden pallet and without adequate protection customers can end up with damaged products, rejected deliveries and loss of reputation.  

A pallet sheet, whilst extremely low in cost is highly effective against such problems.

Pallet sheets not only protect goods against damage from the pallet but also provide greater stability for loads.  

The sheet is not just used on top of the pallet but also in between layers of products such as bottles or cans and can help prevent slippage issues.

JMP Holdings is committed towards providing environment-friendly products and their pallet sheets are made from recycled materials that can be disposed off in the proper recycling streams.

JMP pallet sheets come in two sizes designed for domestic and export use.

  • Item 9700: 1150 x 1150mm - Thickness 350gsm Grey Chipboard
  • Item 9701: 1165 x 1165mm - Thickness 400gsm Grey Chipboard

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