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JMP’s new eTailbag custom courier bags for online sales

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JMP Holdings  has introduced a new line of custom courier bags to meet the unique packaging requirements of online sales.

The fast growing online shopping industry has seen a corresponding improvement in customer-friendly websites, greater offerings, better communication and lower freight costs. There's no denying that online retailers have gone to great lengths in recent years to make the whole experience a lot better for the customers.

However, one area that has quite often been overlooked is the manner in which products are packaged and couriered out to the customer. Online retailers still prefer to use generic packages offered to them by their chosen courier companies. Even traditional brick-and-mortar retailers with an online arm have neglected the importance of online packaging, despite paying very close attention to the quality and design of their packaging for in-store sales.

JMP has introduced the eTailbag, a new range of custom made packaging designed specifically for online sales that maximises the promotion of online brands. The eTailbag is a custom made courier bag with die-cut handle and double adhesive seal, optionally available with a bubble wrap interior if required.

JMP’s eTailbags offer several benefits to online retails. The die-cut handle, for instance is designed to easily carry the package, and gives the buyer the impression of a store-bought retail transaction where they would normally receive a high quality shopping bag.

The eTailbag’s custom printing options further reinforce the experience of traditional high quality shopping bags for the customer. Instead of a plain courier bag that does nothing for a brand, a custom printed eTail courier bag will grab people’s attention and get them talking about the seller’s brand.
With the opportunity to use the eTail courier bag as a miniature mobile billboard, custom printing can be employed to promote messages such as sales announcements, direct marketing announcements, tokens for redemption, teaser campaigns or bonus offers.
The dual seal feature allows the buyer to easily return the goods in the same courier bag by using the second seal to close the bag. This feature will help increase buyer confidence to make further purchases, while the clear cutting instructions printed on the lip ensure the buyer does not damage the second seal when opening the courier bag.
Key features and advantages of eTailbag custom courier bags:

  • Die-cut handle enables the bag to be carried easily
  • Custom printing allows the seller to promote their brand and special offers
  • Dual seal allows the goods to be returned by the buyer in the same bag using the second seal to close the package
  • Returns address can be printed on the back of the bag to reduce the inconvenience factor for the buyer while returning the product
  • ‘Reply Paid’ postal code can also be included to make it completely free and fuss-free for the customer to return the goods
  • Optionally available with a bubble wrap liner to provide extra protection for valuable or fragile sales
  • Available in 11 different sizes for both standard and bubble lined range

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