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JMP Holdings offers Environment-Friendly Bamboo Paper

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JMP Holdings  introduces their bamboo paper range to help businesses become more eco-friendly in their operations.  

Businesses looking to go green invest a significant amount of effort in adopting environment-friendly measures in their business processes.  

Companies recycle to support sustainability but it may not be possible to recycle every piece of paper used in the office.  

Every year Australians use around 3.26 million tonnes of paper products. That translates into a little under 4.8 million trees per year that are cut down to make paper products for Australians.

The situation can be corrected by switching to a more sustainable source: bamboo.  

JMP Holdings offers their bamboo paper range as a greener alternative to conventional paper products.

Benefits of Bamboo  

Bamboo has extremely rapid growth and natural regeneration properties. Bamboo’s environmental benefits stem largely out of its ability to grow and spread quickly, in some cases over 1 metre per day without the need for fertilisers, pesticides or much water.  

A bamboo grove can also release about 35 per cent more oxygen into the air than trees and absorb four times the carbon.

Bamboo planted on a mass basis can actually reverse the effects of global warming in just six years and provide a renewable source of food and building material.

Bamboo paper offered by JMP Holdings is eco-friendly and high performing. The vivid white premium grade bamboo paper produces excellent print results from basic inkjet and laser printers to commercial copier machines.  

Bamboo paper costs almost the same as conventional paper made from trees.

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