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JMP Holdings manufactures Wisecargo gel desiccants

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Wisecargo gel desiccants are capable of absorbing up to 280% of their own weight in water, making them suitable for use in long haul container transport applications, and are available from JMP Holdings .

Housed inside leak proof packaging, Wisecargo is well suited for usage in 20 and 40 foot containers, and can protect a range of products including:

  • canned goods
  • cardboard
  • packed flour
  • canned pet food
  • dairy goods
  • agricultural products
  • horse feed
  • leather products; and
  • pharmaceuticals.
Wisecargo gel desiccants prevent ‘container rain’ problems caused by excessive humidity within shipping containers, quickly absorbing large amounts of moisture to control the relative conditions inside.

Available in four packs of 125g strips, Wisecargo is also designed with adhesive backing to ensure quick installation and no slippage during transit.

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14/11/2012 - Providing the vents are closed and you don't reopen the container regularly I would advise using one carton which is 64 pieces. Desiccants are generally used for transportation protection, not so much storage so you need to monitor the desiccants weight if you are regularly entering the container and allowing fresh air (containing moisture) into the container.

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