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Hiro-Band polypropylene strapping from JMP Holdings

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article image Hiro-Band polypropylene strapping from JMP Holdings

Hiro-band polypropylene strapping made by leading producer Hiroyuki Industries is now available in Australia through JMP Holdings . Hiro-band strappings are an ideal solution for packing and binding a wide range of every day materials.  These include heavy materials such as tiles and bulky electrical appliances, down to light weight materials like fabrics and magazines.

The main features of Hiro-band strapping include:

  • This polypropylene strapping is water resistance with no reduction in performance
  • Tensile strength
  • This strapping is suitable for all auto-banding machines
  • Excellent straightness
  • Utilisation of 1mm thickness core for ease of disposal and environmentally friendly
  • Hiro-band’s polypropylene 12mm strapping will be available in either the traditional paper core or food grade poly core
  • A wide range of sizes and different types of Hiro-band polypropylene strapping are also available on request
Hiro-band strapping can be used on all automatic packing machines or manually with strapping and binding tools.

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