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Four piece collapsible bulk bins

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article image Easily pack products with JMP’s bulk bins.

JMP's four piece collapsible bulk bins are essentially cardboard boxes formed on top of cardboard pallets.

The bulk bins are a four way entry pallet, with two collapsible structures folded out and stood upright to create the walls of the bin.

A lid is then used to seal the goods within the pallet increasing security and stability.

The two wall structures allow easy entry into the loading area. The first wall is assembled in five seconds and stands upright on its own. Goods can be packed around it locking it into the lip that comes up from the top of the pallet.

Once the packing is complete the second wall and lid can be put into place.

This style of packing significantly reduces the risk of back injury by eliminating the need for people to lean over the top of the bin when loading product by hand.

Bulk bins are ideal for safe and discreet export packing, domestic distribution or warehouse storage.

These bins are highly flexible and durable and thus are perfect for reuse.

When collapsed, these bins are 1165mm x 1165mm with only a height of 160mm. Once assembled, the pallet height increases to 1420mm with an internal packing area of approximately 1145mm x 1145mm x 1300mm.

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