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Corn starch products available from JMP Holdings

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Maize grain, also known as corn has provided with an important source of food, which can be grown easily and economically. With the future preservation of the planet becoming an important global phenomenon, corn has gained an additional role as an important crop.

Corn starch is the starch of the corn grain and has taken on the principal role in the production of bioplastics. Bioplastics, also known as organic plastics or biodegradable polymers, are a form of plastic derived from renewable biomass sources (such as corn starch) rather than fossil fuel plastics which are derived from petroleum.

JMP Holdings  corn starch plastic products look and feel similar to the regular plastic. However, they degrade and compost away naturally and safely. These plastic products are an alternative to fossil fuel plastics.

As a result of its biological biodegradability, the use of JMP corn starch polymer is suitable for disposable items, such as packaging and catering items. JMP Holdings have items ranging from cups, plates, trays to shopping bags. However, any standard plastic item can now be made from corn starch bioplastic.

JMP corn starch polymer follows internationally recognised standard EN 13432, which requires biodegradation of 90% of the materials in a commercial composting unit within 90 days. The JMP corn starch polymer reduces hazardous waste and relies less on fossil fuel as a carbon source and also introduces less greenhouse emissions when it biodegrades.

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