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article image UniSorb desiccants absorb moisture.

UNISORB desiccants control the humidity inside a sealed area such as a shipping container through continuously absorbing the moisture from the enclosed air.

Available from JMP , UniSorb is designed to hold the moisture and not release it back into the container’s climate.

Containerised cargo can be subjected to significant temperature variations when stored on deck in the sun, while in storage awaiting trans shipment, or while crossing the equator.

As the temperature in the container rises, the enclosed air is able to absorb more moisture.

There are many sources of moisture in a container - the wooden floor and pallets, packaging material and possibly the cargo itself.

Conversely, when there is a drop in temperature the air is not able to hold this extra moisture, which is then released in the form of condensation. The temperature at which this condensation takes place is called the dew point.

As the temperature rises in a container, the enclosed air draws moisture from all possible sources inside the container, for example, the wooden floor, pallets, product packaging and even the product itself.

When the temperature drops, such as during the night, during atmospheric changes, or when the ship moves into a colder climate, the moisture is released and condenses on the container's roof and sides.

The water that drips from the roof of the container, together with the condensation that forms on the product, causes corrosion, mould, caking of powders and damage to labels and packaging.

This process of warming and cooling repeats itself numerous times during a voyage, causing the damaging moisture cycle to repeat itself.

UniSorb desiccants are manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure an absolutely dry desiccant upon delivery.

After a container has been packed and the specially formulated film enclosing the UniSorb bag removed, the desiccant will immediately start to absorb any moisture present inside the container.

On the container doors being closed, UniSorb controls the humidity inside the container by continuously absorbing the moisture from the enclosed air inside the container.

UniSorb is designed to hold the moisture and not release it back into the container's climate.

As the humidity inside the container is kept continuously low, the air is dry enough to prevent condensation forming at low temperatures. UniSorb will continue to absorb the moisture until it has gained approximately 100% of its own weight.

DuPont TYVEK is used as the packaging material for UniSorb desiccants.

TYVEK benefits include:

* Superior water vapour transmission rate (WVTR)

* No liquid water transmission, it is leak proof

* Anti-static and dustproof

* High strength.

* FDA certified, non-toxic and safe.

UniSorb desiccants are available in the following sizes:

* 100g - Suitable for electrical components and the exterior of palletised goods.

* 500g - Suitable for marine and engineering components, medical applications and explosives.

* 1Kg - Suitable for machinery, boats, base metals, steel, iron, metal cans, automotive products (car seats, brake linings), electronic and digital equipment etc. The 1kg product is also available with hanging hooks for quicker installation.

* 2Kg - Suitable for usage in 6m and 12m containers. Ideal for protection of canned goods, glass paper, cardboard, packed flour, canned pet food and cheese, milk in cartons, agricultural products (i.e. hay), horse feed, leather products, any carton packaging, pharmaceuticals etc. The 2kg product is also available with hanging hooks for quicker installation.

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