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JMP introduces Kawasaki MD400N robot

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JMP Engineering  has introduced Kawasaki's new MD400N robot which can meet the demand in today's world for the JMP Palletising and JMP depalletisation of all kinds of consumer goods from food and drink, building supplies, medicines and printed matter which has become diversified in many ways, but still has to meet stringent requirement for freshness and just-in-time delivery.

The new Kawasaki MD400N can handle loads up to 400kg and stack them on a large pallet up to 2.7m high.

With the 400kg load, the robot provides a linear movement of 400mm vertically and 2,000mm horizontally, performing high speed motions as fast as 740 times per hour.

The new Kawasaki robot has a small footprint enabling it to work in a compact area. This is because Kawasaki uses a special link design which eliminates the heavy and large rear counter balance normally needed and as used by most other heavy payload palletising robots.

This feature increases the robot's speed and flexibility while decreasing its running costs which is a big advantage for JMP Palletising Systems.

A variety of hands can be fitted to the robot head, designed and manufactured by JMP for the handling of various packages including sacks, boxes, crates, etc as single product or complete layers. In conjunction with the choice of programmes available in the controller unit, palletising patterns such as interlock, column and pinhole can be initiated.

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