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Compact Palletiser with Built-in Stretch Wrapper

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article image Compact Palletiser with Built-in Stretch Wrapper

Following the release of the Compact Palletising Cell (CPC), JMP Australia have announced a new version of the machine with built-in stretch wrapping capabilities.

The CPC system features a central frame where all system components are mounted. This will allow for simple setup at the customers’ facilities. The new model has turntables at the two palletising locations and stretch carriages mounted adjacent to each of these locations.

At the start of the palletising cycle, the robot pulls the film out and onto the empty pallet. Then it places a carton or package onto the film to secure it in place. The robot continues to palletise packages until the pallet is ready to be wrapped.    

When the palletising sequence is completed, the turntable rotates and film is released from the stretch carriage. The wrapping cycle is next. In this phase, the robot continues to palletise product in the opposite palletising position of the cell.  

JMP Australia have delivered a fully featured palletising and wrapping system with a compact footprint. The palletiser can also be supplied with grippers for handling bags, containers, cartons, pails, and drums.

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