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CPC series palletiser robotic palletising solution available from JMP Australia

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More often customers want to automate the palletising function within their production facilities but are often unable to provide space for such a system. And in the current economic conditions customers are becoming even more focussed on the return on investment of their capital equipment purchases. The result is customers seeking quality equipment with performance specifications and a predictable commissioning timeline.

JMP Australia  have developed the CPC series palletiser, a cost-effective robotic palletising solution. The noticeable feature of the CPC palletiser is the skid configuration where a Kawasaki industrial robot, a pallet magazine and pallet conveyors are attached to the main support frame. Prior to delivery to site the robot can be docked in a position ready for transport, while the pallet conveyors are ‘folded’ up around the pallet magazine and robot.

According to Michael Thornton Managing Director, JMP Australia, the benefits of this configuration are more and the design features of this palletiser reduce installation time and reduce costs. The system is wired and tested in the factory, the palletiser simply folds-up and slides neatly into a single 20ft shipping container. A single JMP engineer can install the equipment in around 4 hours, and there is no need for additional trade expertise on site. The additional benefits of the palletiser are realised when installing such a system, such as minimised downtime in production.

According to Keith Mainland, Engineering and Robotics Manager, JMP Australia, minimal robot programming is required to commission the system at a customer's facility. In fact, because the pallet conveyor positions are known, all the layer pattern positions and orientations are unchanged after factory testing. The only robot programming JMP need to change when commissioning the system is the pickup point and this can be done through the Robot pendant. Engineers installing the system simply move the gripper to the appropriate position then nominate this location as the pickup point.

JMP Australia have applied some other great ideas to the palletiser, such as integration of the robot controller into the frame, and a fencing system that also folds-up ready for transport. The wiring for the light curtains is contained within the base frame and the opposite light curtains is only reflective, hence there is no wiring required on site, and no unsightly cable trays or conduits spreading out to the light curtains.

The CPC palletising system can be supplied in two different configurations, with either one or two integrated pallet chain conveyors. The pallet conveyors can be supplied in a traditional raised format suitable for integration with a downstream stretch wrapper, or in low profile format suitable for use with manually operated fork jacks.

JMP Australia can also provide grippers to handle any product whether it is cartons, shrink trays, bags, containers, drums or pails. The robot is even capable of around 18 cycles per minute, depending on the product being handled, which means that cartons can be palletised at rates in the vicinity of 35 cartons per minute.JMP Australia are able to provide both hire and lease options to customers. They can now trial the equipment in their factory with the option of buying the equipment at the end of the lease. JMP Australia’s hire or lease options it become even easier for customers to automate their palletising functions.

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