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World’s largest milk bottling machine

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article image The Krones Sensometic VPGW.

THE world's largest weighing filler for milk is being introduced to Australia by JL Lennard to cater for the rapidly growing market for products with an extended shelf life (ESL).

The Krones Sensometic VPGW - rated at up to 48,000 litres an hour - is designed specifically for bottling milk, meeting the requirements for hygienic design specified by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG).

Representing state-of-the-art technology in terms of automation and cleanability, the filling system is also suitable for both neck-handled bottles as well as containers not amenable to neck handling (like most HDPE bottles).

JL Lennard managing director David Boekemann says that to make the weighing filler accessible to as broad a group of users as possible, Krones is building the Sensometic VPGW in six different pitch circle diameters ranging from 1440 to 3600mm, with 16 to 110 valves.

The newly developed weighing filler features a new valve design, a new central (or ring) bowl design and new load cell table, plus a redesigned front table with collecting channel.

The bottle handling parts are in stainless steel, for optimised hygiene, says Mr Boekemann, whose company is national distributor for Krones.

"For optimum accessibility and cleaning, the filler has been designed for an open construction, permitting easy access and effective cleaning, creating a transparent process. The electronic component cabinet is air-conditioned, so it can be used in humid environments, inside cleanrooms and in tropical environments," he said.

"The central or ring bowl is fitted with rotating spray balls for CIP cleaning. Bevelled surfaces have been incorporated for optimum cleaning.

"With automatic CIP cup feed and automatable spray cleaning from outside, the filler's cleaning procedures are almost entirely automated. Designed for high product flexibility, the Sensometic VPGW's rating of up to 48,000 litres an hour makes it the world's largest weighing filler for milk."

JL Lennard employs approx 130 staff throughout its network of with offices, warehouses and service centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Adelaide, Perth and Auckland.

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