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Simple-to-use online moisture analyser

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article image Designed for long-term, uninterrupted duty.

A NEW online moisture and constituent analyser, that allows continuous monitoring of product quality without the inconvenience of continually having to take samples to laboratories, has been introduced by JL Lennard .

The Thermo Electron Spectra-Quad is rated IP66 and designed for long-term, uninterrupted duty in processing environments, while being inexpensive to run, and simple to install, maintain, and use.

Its real-time information on moisture and other critical product parameters is applicable to a wide range of industries.

Featuring a full-function operator interface to give easy access to all of the analysers setup and diagnostics, Spectra-Quad's benefits include:

* Optimised product quality

* Improved product consistency

* Savings in raw materials

* Minimised waste

* Lower production costs

JL Lennard managing director David Boekemann said the analysers provided accurate, real-time information about the concentration of key product components.

“They incorporate a patented, industry-proven optical system and other quality innovation that make these analysers the industry standard for online process analysis."

Designed for low ownership costs, the Spectra-Quad's operator display includes product names and measured values. It is available with a wide range of environmental options that enable it to perform in virtually any production situation.

Spectra-Quad uses a measurement technique based on Near Infrared (NIR) light absorption. Its non-contact, non-destruction and non-hazardous testing technique functions across a moisture range of 0.0-0.1 minimum and 0.0-95 per cent maximum.

JL Lennard's product inspection division represents Thermo Ramsey and Thermo Goring Kerr products designed to help ensure only high quality contaminant-free products reach consumers. The ranges include weighing, inspection and monitoring products including automatic checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray equipment.

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