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Sava’s flagship ranges of advanced printing blankets launched by J.L. Lennard Graphics

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article image Domen Komac (Sales Manager) Savatech, left, meets with Tony Colella (General Manager) J.L. Lennard Graphics, Bill Sutton (National Manager) J.L. Lennard Graphics and Voja Jevtic (Managing Director) Savatech

Some of the advanced and environmentally-harmonious printing blankets are to be introduced to Australia and New Zealand as a result of the distribution of Sava technology by J.L. Lennard Graphics . Tony Colella, General Manager, J.L. Lennard Graphics said that Sava’s patented offset printing blankets feature ‘radial tyre technology applied to printing blankets,’ removing traditional multiple cotton textile plies from the carcass of the blanket and replacing it with a single ply of rubberised cord.

The result is a flagship product incorporating totally new technology that offers improved stability, minimum elongation, fast relaxation with minimum loss of tension, minimum gauge loss and low sinking of 0.02/0.03 mm lower than any blanket on the market. 

Sold in 70 countries worldwide, the blankets incorporate the high environmental standards (including ISO 14001) built into SAVA’s entire business procedure, extending from raw materials and energy supply to products and services that minimise impact on the environment.

Tony Colella also said that Sava’s technology offers both market leading efficiency and environmental benefits, using less ink while lasting 30 to 40 per cent longer. The blankets’ high rubber content and optimised impact resistance means they can be subjected to greater pressure with rapid recovery for sharp dot reproduction, high resistance to edge marking and superb reproduction throughout its extended lifespan.

Because Sava offers a level of technology and quality not previously available on the Australian and New Zealand market, it sought a distribution partner in Australia and New Zealand that could offer premium levels of technical and service excellence to assist with innovation and expansion. J.L. Lennard Graphics, as a company with one of Australia’s most comprehensive ranges of printing products and technologies, was proud to be selected as the industry leader they were seeking.

Founded in 1879, J.L. Lennard are a family-owned fully Australian company that, in addition to their major graphics business, distribute many packaging machines for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries (as well as food equipment for fast food outlets, restaurants, supermarkets and hotels). They have a strong national network of service facilities to back its premium ranges and a tradition of strong, open relationships in dealings with customers, suppliers and staff, so as to deliver consistently high standards of quality, service and integrity.

Voja Jevtic, Sava Managing Director, said that his company chose to move into Australia and New Zealand only when a market leader of the stature of J.L. Lennard Graphics became available to position Sava at the top of the local market.

They have invested heavily in their unique cord carcass rubber printing blankets since 1992, developing high levels of technical support and active co-operation with leading manufacturers of offset printing such as Heidelberg and MAN Roland. Having the presence of a distributor such as J.L. Lennard Graphics completes the picture Down Under and launches into an ideal environment.

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