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Metal detector available from JL Lennard

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article image APEX 500 metal detector

High performance is offered by the new metal detector for the food processing and packaging industry from JL Lennard .

The APEX 500 metal detector is a sensitive and easy to operate metal detector.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, food products must be delivered on time and at a competitive price. Food safety cannot be compromised, so metal detectors are an integral part of an HAACP program,” said JL Lennard General Manager Packaging, Tony Dinallo.

“The high sensitivity of the APEX 500 metal detector meets the food industry’s reliability, environmental and hygiene needs. It enables you to protect your food brands and fulfil your legal requirements.”

“With APEX 500 in the production line, you can quickly and completely achieve your quality goals and can be assured that shipments don’t contain any unwanted metallic foreign objects.”

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific, the APEX 500 metal detector uses new technology to create good performance, stability and reliability.

The multi-coil design improves signal levels, resulting in high level of detection capability. This innovation is combined with new shielding techniques that improve sensitivity on wet or conductive products and cut costly waste caused by false rejects.

Only food grade materials are employed in the detector’s construction, including a stainless steel IP66 rated panel case and an ABS control panel that won’t dent or distort, resulting in water leaks and electronics failure.

Features and benefits of the APEX 500 metal detector include:

  • High sensitivity: Up to 20% small diameter metal can be detected than with previous models
  • Ideal icon-driven user interface using concepts employed in mobile phones and PCs. A durable touch panel circuit eliminates damage caused by cleaning or physical abuse
  • Intuitive software: APEX 500 can be set up for several applications in a matter of minutes
  • Two operating frequencies and high/low gain electronics for application flexibility. Auto calibration is selectable Sanitary blue epoxy aperture lining
  • Available with Thermo Scientific conveyor systems that can be custom designed to different individual specifications

The APEX 500 metal detector comes in a range of standard aperture sizes from 50-1250 mm in width and 50-600 mm in height. Product speed through the aperture can range from 0.5-1000 metres per minute. The APEX 500 metal detector is ISO9001 certified.

Tony Dinallo noted that APEX 500 manufacturer Thermo Scientific is recognised as one of the leader in advanced analysis instrumentation for the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. Thermo Scientific has over 50 years of experience in providing high-quality, cost-effective contaminant detection systems.

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