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article image Six-wheel design allows them to pivot easily through 360º.

JL Lennard Food Equipment has released the Electro-Calorique single-handling meal delivery system. It is aimed at hospitals and aged care facilities, as well as prisons, convention centres, aircraft and the armed forces.

A frozen or chilled entrée, soup or main meal is placed on a tray in a specially-designed trolley, a button is pressed and the food is served, saving time, labour and capital equipment costs. The trolleys require only 2kg of pressure to move. The six-wheel design allows them to pivot easily through 360º.

The range uses thermo-contact conduction technology. Each conduction plate contains a series of mini elements which can identify the density of the product, then heat it to the optimum level using electro pulses. It doesn't matter if each tray carries meals with fluctuating portions. Even if a meal consists of meat with gravy, mashed potato and three green beans, each item is heated to its optimum temperature.

Each trolley can be programmed for up to four meals a day, seven days a week. The trolleys can heat plated meals from -18ºC to 70ºC in 65 minutes. When not doing so they trolleys refrigerate automatically.

While the doors the doors open during serving, heat is retained in the thermo contact elements. Special meals such as Halal and Kosher can be heated alongside normal meals. The trolleys don't have fans which potentially can harbour bacteria. They are also waterproof and can be hosed down or put through a trolley washer. The lack of fans also minimises moving parts, leading to a longer working life.

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