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JL Lennard introduces AuditCheck metal detectors

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JL Lennard  has introduced a Total Quality Solution (TQS), AuditCheck, to its Goring Kerr DSP range of metal detectors for the food processing and packaging industries, reducing or eliminating quarantine, improving line efficiency and saving money.

The AuditCheck automatically monitors every aspect of the metal detection system and its operation, eliminating costly recall and ensuring that the benefits of a quality detector are achieved.

“The AuditCheck package can result in considerable operational savings and enhanced protection of brand names,” said JL Lennard General Manager Packaging, Tony Dinallo.

Manual testing of a metal detection system, how ever well performed, is a purely qualitative go or no-go assessment and not a quantitative test.

It is useful for determining detector failure or gross sensitivity reduction, but will not reveal smaller changes caused by variance in product effect, product build-up or system drift.

These can cause sudden and unpredictable line stoppages that are expensive to remedy and may require extensive recall and quarantine procedures.

AuditCheck is an automatic, failsafe method of measuring relative sensitivity performance. It employs a test shuttle that analyses a calibration detection signal that is used as a standard for future tests. Each time an AuditCheck test is carried out, it is compared to the calibration graph.

Small variations are permitted, but if there are changes in the system due to influences such as product build-up or parameter changes, a warning will be given. More serious deviations from normal will generate an alarm.

By monitoring small changes in performance, it is possible to re-calibrate and correct abnormalities before they cause serious line stoppages and consequent loss of production.

AuditCheck can be used with various types of metal detection systems including conveyor, pipeline and gravity feed.

The AuditCheck process:

  • Reduces test time and manual labour for testing
  • Automatic guaranteed test
  • Produces QA reports
  • Means more frequent testing

The TQS options available with AuditCheck include reject validation and the bin- full system. Reject validation works by monitoring a rejected package and ensuring that it actually passes into the locked reject bin for full system security.

The bin-full option will monitor the amount of product in the reject bin and generate an alarm before the bin becomes full and causes the rejected product to fall back onto the production line.

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