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Forty three styles of block bags

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article image A few of the packs that can be produced.

THE versatile SBS (special-bag-shaping) system from Rovema, represented by JL Lennard , can produce 43 different styles of free-standing block bottom packs with a variety of top-closing and re-closable features.

The new system means granulated, powdery and piece food products - particularly cereals, pasta, rice, dried fruit, herbs, spices, snacks, bakery and confectionary - can now stand upright on supermarket shelves.

Not only will they catch the eye more readily, these compact packs are consumer-friendly with convenient opening and closing options, such as tin-ties, clips and zippers.

The SBS is a combination of a Rovema fully automatic vertical form-fill-and-seal machine, simultaneous vertical baggers and additional stations for bag shaping and top forming.

Depending on product, multi-head weighers, volumetric cup dosers or auger fillers can be incorporated.

A variety of packaging materials can be used, both mono and multi-layered, on a wide range of format sizes. Stations producing the different bag designs are driven separately and are easily changed to meet future marketing demand.

The system integrates horizontal conveyors that condition the product and adjust the bag heights for sealing. Bag transport through an automatic conveyor belt system includes a vibrating section for product compacting.

The complete line is controlled via an industrial PC with a touch screen operator panel. Up to 1000 programs can store product specific parameters to ensure a quick changeover.

The system’s effective packaging solution enhances product sensitivity and freshness.

For fragile products, rather than filling through a long forming tube, empty bags can be introduced into the system to be filled at a separate filling station, integrated above the horizontal section of the machine.

Low product drop ensures that product damage is minimised.

Each package is filled and immediately sealed, eliminating any product contamination. The product is then settled and the seal is broken for an air vacuum that removes excess air. The package is then re-gusseted, resealed and the excess material is removed.

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