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Convection, steam and microwave in one oven

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article image Three in one -- convection, steam and microwave.

LEVENTI has developed a range of professional ovens that combine three systems: convection, steam and microwave, enabling foods to be prepared at least twice as quickly as previously possible.

The patented new Advanced Booster Technology will be unveiled for the first time in Australia by JL Lennard at Catering 2002 in August and Fine Food in September.

A four-tray and five-tray Leventi model will be on display, and visitors will be able to test the Leventi guarantee of producing perfect quality results every time.

The innovative technology is suited to all types of products - whether they are fresh, semi-prepared, chilled or frozen - bakery items and complete meals for cooking or regenerating.

Compared to a normal convection oven and combisteamer, booster technology speeds preparation by an average of 30-50 per cent and up to 70 per cent.

It heats equally to the core of the product, maintaining the product's attractive appearance. Furthermore, the rapid baking has as the advantage of maximising the end product's crispness, tenderness, texture and taste.

Along with the speed, quality and taste advantages, the Advance Booster ovens decrease customer waiting times, thus relieving peaks in demand, reduce operational costs and maximise profits.

Arno Rieuwers, supermarket equipment manager with JL Lennard Food Equipment, said the technology made it possible to combine normal convection heat with or without steam and microwave technology.

"It enables all three systems to work optimally together; and the complete oven chamber is controllable," said Arno.

Further advantages include:

* Any standard product range can be used.

* Oven can be used with or without steam, as a standard convection oven or combisteamer.

* Pre-set cooking and baking programs.

* The oven door stays below 40 degrees Celsius, even at maximum cooking temperature, so touching the glass is safe.

* Clear halogen lighting.

* Automated cleaning features.

Also chicken wings, french fries and hamburgers etc., are prepared and ready to sell in half the time.

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