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Contamination detection system for food packaging industry from JL Lennard

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Thermo Electron Corporation, an industry leader in contaminant detection for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, has developed a contamination detection system to fill the gap between traditional magnetic metal detectors and full-featured x-ray imaging systems in the food packaging industry - Goring Kerr EZx.

The Goring Kerr EZx provides good x-ray capability with metal detector simplicity.

Providing a new method of detecting foreign objects in packaged food production lines, the Goring Kerr EZx provides the simplicity of a metal detector, a low total cost of ownership and the enhanced detection capability/sensitivity of an x-ray system.

According to ARC Field Systems, Government regulations such as the recent Bioterrorism Act have made food safety and security top priorities for food manufacturers. To avoid the negative implications of a product recall, influential multinational retailers are placing more stringent requirements on product packaging.

In an effort to protect their brands, food manufacturers are willing to invest in innovative packaging solutions such as the Goring Kerr EZx that improve efficiency and provides high ROI.

Sensitivities for ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants are as good, or in many cases better, than with competing metal detectors. Multiple aperture sizes and line heights provides the Goring Kerr EZx with configuration flexibility to suit a wide range of products and production lines.

The instrument’s Quicklearn process reduces total cost of ownership as common package types can be set up in minutes.

According to Thermo, before developing this innovative product for the food packaging industry it took a step back to understand gaps in the market where customers were not benefiting from the complete range of available technology.

What Thermo found was an opportunity to develop an innovative x-ray solution that combined good detection with the ease of use of a typical metal detector. Customers demanding state-of-the-art detection solutions can now deploy x-ray technology at an affordable cost.

The Goring Kerr EZx is available from JL Lennard.

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