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bCODE delivers new marketing experience with ZYPOS touchscreens

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Zytronic’s Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) has been used by bCODE - a provider of mobile marketing systems - to create innovative terminals which deliver an exciting new concept in interactive marketing.

The PCT-based ZYPOS touch sensors deployed in bCODE’s latest MediaPlane terminals provide the robust, reliable and accurate performance required for the touchscreens as well as giving bCODE’s designers added flexibility in delivering an aesthetically appealing terminal.

The bCODE concept allows marketers to communicate with customers via their mobile ‘phones by sending a unique encrypted code (or bCODE) via the normal short message service (SMS). This enables owners of standard handsets to access services that would usually require a Smart Card, RFID, or Near-Field Communication (NFC) device. The compact MediaPlane terminal, which incorporates the bCODE scanner, a printer and a touchscreen interface based around a 10.4” ZYPOS PCT sensor, is deployed either in-store or on location. Customers who have received a bCODE on their phone can instantly access the service provided by placing the ‘phone display in front of the optical reader and making selections using the stylish touch-enabled display.

In this innovative closed loop system, information on consumer choice (for example a free download or printed discount voucher) is then fed back to the service provider via GSM, 3G or broadband link providing invaluable real-time marketing data, which can be used to tailor future products and services on offer. The technology is already being deployed in a number of store loyalty and voucher redemption programs and at event ticketing, such as for concerts, cinemas and exhibitions.

By using ZYPOS and working with Zytronic, bCODE’s designers have been able to create a terminal with a slim form factor and modern, frameless styling coupled with a highly durable toughened glass front panel for reliable performance in public environments. Furthermore, by using the output protocol available from Zytronic for the XY controller, bCODE’s software engineers were able to write their own application specific Linux driver.

“MediaPlane is designed for use in public spaces and we needed a cost-effective touch interactive display that not only offered our industrial designers unlimited styling flexibility, but also the high level of durability necessary for deployment of the terminals - in frequently unsupervised areas - with total confidence,” says Michael Mak, bCODE’s Chief Executive Officer.  “The ability of ZYPOS to operate through our purpose designed protective printed cover glass, coupled with drift-free operation contributes significantly to bCODE’s customer return on investment. Using ZYPOS has also allowed us to write our own custom touchscreen driver software. This compelling combination has enabled us to meet all our performance and functionality goals for MediaPlane.”

Zytronic’s PCT touch sensors have no front-face-active elements, unlike most other touch technologies.  Instead, an array of 10 micron diameter copper capacitors is laminated behind a durable front panel. This panel is typically glass, polycarbonate or acrylic.  The matrix of capacitors is practically invisible when viewed against a powered display, ensuring good optical clarity, exceptionally high transmission and a sealable, damage-resistant touch surface. 

Zytronic Touch screens are distributed in Australia by JEA Technologies .

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