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Zytronic’s projected capacitive technology available from JEA

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article image Projected capacitive technology for FT touch panel PCs

Zytronic’s touchscreens based on their projected capacitive technology (PCT) are in use in the FT range of rugged panel PCs from APC Technology.

The South Australian company has used the moisture and dirt-resistant properties of Zytronic’s Zybrid touch sensors to provide high reliability and levels of display clarity, with resistance to a wide range of contaminants in weather conditions ranging from bright sunlight to heavy rain.

Zytronic’s ZYBRID touch sensors use an array of micro-fine capacitors embedded within a front faced glass and plastic laminated overlay. Because the array is embedded below the sensing surface, it is well protected from accidental or deliberate damage, dirt, dust, contaminants and moisture.

The touchscreen can be operated with gloved and ungloved hands and can easily satisfy the strict requirements of applications in the general industrial, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

This flexibility in turn allows the FT range to be used in a wide range of demanding environments, including production and assembly lines, hose-down areas, food production and livestock management areas.

“We chose Zytronic for a combination of outstanding product features and exceptional local support from JEA Technologies, Zytronic’s representatives in Australia,” says Scott Begbie, engineering manager at APC Technology.

“The technical support we had on this particular project was second-to-none. And, by using PCT-based screens, we can ensure that our FT products satisfy our customers’ requirements of working well when they are wet or dirty.”

Over 200 FT products are already deployed in challenging environments in locations which include Australia and New Zealand.

FT products’ durability not only enables use in harsh environments, it also contributes to good reliability. This reduces on-going maintenance demands and increases system availability.

PCT-based Zybrid screens with their long touch life and drift-free operation that eliminates the need for recalibration, further contributing to the FT series’ dependability.

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