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The Currenza c² Airport coin changer for the vending industry, from JEA Technologies

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article image Currenza c² Airport coin changer has an SMS alarm function

Now available from JEA Technologies , the Currenza c² Airport coin changer with integrated alarm and telemetry functionality is the latest in vending hardware technology for the Vending and Payment Kiosk industry.

The Currenza c² Airport incorporates the telemetry solution inside the c² coin changer. Unlike older vending three, four or five tube coin changer technologies, this product has been developed to meet vending industry needs going into the future.

The Currenza vending hardware solution provides alarm messages and additional digital remote data transmission of audit and vending machine data, and within Australia, the Currenza c² Airport coin changer is offered with a number of different coin variant 6 tube options.

The telemetry module is designed into the Currenza c² Airport coin changer so no external units or server connections are required, a simple and immediately functioning MDB plug and play solution according to Craig Kinder, Director of JEA Technologies.

Additionally the new Currenza SMV2 or standard CashCode SM backload note validators can be connected to the Currenza c² Airport coin changer making it a simple but powerful payment device.

During field trials working with major operators in Europe and North America, the Currenza team learned that operators have little to no time to sit for many hours a day going through the complex daily audit data. Kinder commented that these operators' interest is simply that the machines are running flawlessly.

By using the alarm function only the vending operator has control over the vending machine status. Currenza c² Airport coin changer audit data in EVA-DTS format can be also read out at the back office by the Currenza airbox GSM receiving module, connected to a standard domestic PC, or laptop.

The Currenza c² Airport coin changer provides an alarm function option via SMS for selectable vending machine events, such as the door being open, cooling unit, or exact change situations. This has a number of benefits for the operator, including reduced downtime for vending machines, improving customer service, and product stock turns.

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