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JEA Technologies is now distributing sunlight readable LCDs made by Litemax in Taiwan.

Litemax's very high brightness LCDs are available in a range of sizes from 7” to 32”, and in different mounting configurations, including desk mount, ceiling or wall mount, and open frame for mounting in kiosks.

With brightness as high as 1700 nits, Litemax LCDs will display clearly, even when direct sunlight is falling onto the screens.

Litemax also provides thermal management solutions to keep the LCDs working at high and low temperatures, including fans, heating elements and ambient light sensors that can match the brightness of the screen to changing light conditions.

This greatly increases the lifetime of the backlights in the screens. Litemax also offers LEDs as an alternative backlighting source to CCFLs.

These displays are an ideal display to complement touch screens made by Zytronic Displays.

Zytronic touch screens are often used in outdoor applications or behind shop windows, where the display needs to cope with high ambient light conditions and a wide range of temperatures.

Customers who purchase Litemax LCDs with Zytronic touch screens are backed up by excellent pre and post sales service says JEA Technologies Pty Ltd.

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