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article image Prints at up to 220mm/s.

HENGSTLER GmbH, represented in Australia by JEA Technologies , has released the C56 thermal printer. One of the main problems facing designers of receipt or ticket printing systems is to prevent users pulling on the ticket whilst its printing, as this causes print head failure.

The traditional solution is to add a cutter and presenter to the printer, which keeps the ticket hidden from the user until its finished printing. These additional modules add cost to the printer and as they are electro-mechanical devices, they also increase the incidence of failures.

Hengstler has overcome this problem giving the printer a speed up to 220mm/s. A chute hides the ticket whilst printing and it a bar tears the paper when it is pulled. This prevents the paper from being pulled past the print head. The chute prevents foreign matter being pushed or sprayed into the printer.

The modular construction and heavy-duty materials mean that the printer is simple to install and vandal-resistant. It has an operating temperature range of -30°C to 70°C and up to 90% relative humidity performance, and paper out and paper low sensing. It can handle 58mm to 60mm paper widths in 100mm roll diameters. It has a USB interface and a serial interface is optional.

The C56 is suitable for receipt printing in applications such as petrol pumps, kiosks, transit systems, vending machines and parking stations.

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