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Large touch screens and LCDs

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article image LCD and touch screen mounted behind a shop window.

IN the last year there has been a dramatic increase in the use of large LCD displays up to 45” in size (and growing) for a variety of applications. Most of these applications are to display information and advertising.

Zytronic Displays, an innovative manufacturer of touch screen sensors, is now manufacturing touch screens to fit over these LCD to allow user interaction with the displays.

The picture shows a LCD and touch screen mounted behind a real estate agents shop window. The LCD can display the full range of properties being marketed by the real estate agent and the touch screen allows potential customers to search the displayed information for properties that interest them. This technology turns the shop window into a much more effective sales resource.

Other applications include information kiosks that can be used indoors or outdoors for displaying information including advertising.

Zytronic Touch screens are ideal for use in unattended applications as they can withstand severe abuse and are unaffected by sun, rain, snow, dirt and other contaminants.

The screens can also be cleaned with abrasive materials and powerful solvents. They can also be used through a protective sheet of glass or acrylic, making them even less susceptible to damage.

Zytronic products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by JEA Technologies , who also supply industrial grade LCDs to complement these touch screens. These LCDs are designed for 24x7 use, with operating temperatures up to 50°C.

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