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JEA Technologies releases metal coin and vandal resistant note entry bezels

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CashCode solution for coin and vandalism to vending machines, payment kiosks and transport ticket systems.

Featrures of the CashCode system include:

  • Satin stainless steel finish
  • Designed to deter or stop deliberate or accidental insertion of small coins, wooden ice-cream sticks, drinking straws, screw drivers, metal rulers etc
  • Engineered and manufactured from high grade pressure moulded alloys
  • Self draining design
  • Grounded and protected against hi voltage discharge
  • The new metal coin and vandal resistant bezel is supplied complete with active LED indication
  • Easy to fit on site without the need for tools or return to a service centre

Standard features of the CashCode range of bill/note validators’ good accuracy:

The CashCode bill recycler, VU, SM and FL series validators accurately discriminate between note denominations through the use of multiple wavelength optical sensing and sophisticated data processing.

  • Patented technology
  • Note authentication, polymer or paper
  • User friendly operation

Four-way high acceptance 96% or better:

Satisfies transactions by accepting bills of all conditions, polymer or paper; Bank notes may be fed in either direction, face up or face down.

Speed and convenience 1.7 seconds:

Improve efficiency in storing notes with high speed transactions and specialised bezels.

Reliable, low maintenance MTBF 750k cycles:

With the streamlined recognition system, sensors are embedded under the smooth plastic bill path and the magnetic head and pinch roller have been eliminated to dramatically reduce jams, debris buildup, and the need for cleaning. Annual maintenance is recommended. Bank note jams are easy to clear in the CashCode validators.

Currencies – paper or polymer:

CashCode validators available from JEA Technologies accept Australia and New Zealand $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 denominations, and over 30 currencies of the world.

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