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JEA Technologies introduces the Currenza Clip cashless payment system and C² 6-tube changer for vending machines

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JEA Technologies  presents the Currenza Clip, a stored-value cashless payment system and the Currenza C² 6-tube change giver for use in vending machines.

Developed by Crane Payment Solutions (CPS), the Currenza Clip uses the widely used MiFare proximity-coupling technology and consists of a Clip reader, which mounts in the vending machine. The Currenza Clip is designed to keep costs low, starting with the simplicity of installing the system.

The Clip reader can accommodate not only the Clip (a keylike housing for the integrated circuit, designed to clip onto a pocket) but also a card of traditional appearance. Using the open architecture of the contactless MiFare (ISO 14443) standard, the Clip or card can be configured for additional applications such as access control.

The Currenza Clip cashless payment system is available in two versions, Currenza Clip MDB and Currenza Clip Multi.

The Currenza Clip MDB system features the popular Multi-Drop Bus interface, integrating readily with coin changers and note validators complying with the MDB protocol. It also provides a connector for the Currenza C² change giver or the Currenza SMV vending note validator.

The Clip Multi system accommodates Simplex V (Executive) and BDV as master and slave with price-holding supported by the Simplex V interface. It also provides the G-40/G-13 parallel connector, and offers an RS-232 serial interface through which firmware updates can be downloaded to the reader.

The Currenza Clip RF is a programming interface for the Clip and/or card, and the Currenza ClipManager software suite, which runs under Microsoft Windows. The Currenza Clip RF connects to a desktop computer through a USB or RS232 interface.

The Currenza ClipManager software is used to configure clips and/or cards as well as the reader. Available in a full package to handle all data management functions, the software is also offered in two special-purpose versions.

While the Card version is used to configure clips and/or cards, the Audit version processes transaction data.

JEA Technologies is the authorised Australian and New Zealand distributor of CPS payment solutions.

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