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JEA Launches InterFace Audience Measurement Tool

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JEA Technologies  introduces the InterFace program that has been developed to accurately measure viewership of digital signage displays.  

The InterFace program is an audience measurement tool that employs a standard web camera to detect viewers and count the volume of footfall traffic at each point-of-display as well as at all equipped parts of the network.  

InterFace provides tangible ROI measurement by: 

  • Determining overall traffic volume of people passing by the screen
  • Detecting actual view counts
  • Determining how long people paid attention to the display
  • Determining if the viewer is male or female
  • Collecting data in real-time through the Internet

Accurate viewership data for digital signage  

InterFace is a powerful viewership validation tool that informs digital signage network operators and advertisers on the number of people looking at display screens and the duration of each view.  

Developed in-house by digital signage provider 1-2-1VIEW, the InterFace audience measurement tool is based on a unique ‘Viewership Validation’ technology that allows digital signage network operators to capture viewer behaviour with true accuracy.  

The tool enables them to provide advertisers with precise viewership data, which previously was largely based on estimates and expensive census subscriptions.  

The InterFace audience measurement tool captures every view on every screen across a digital signage network in real-time.  

The viewership data places a much greater premium on the advertising space of an operator’s network, thereby dramatically increasing overall network revenues.

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