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Single girder cranes from JDN Monocrane

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JDN Monocrane  presents a range of single girder cranes in capacities up to 32 tonnes and spans up to 45 metres.

Designed to offer excellent floor coverage and low headroom design, JDN Monocrane single girder cranes maximise usable floor space and height of lift available in warehouses.

Offering excellent value for money and quality, JDN Monocrane single girder cranes are used extensively for applications in general fabrication, precast, machine shops and steel distribution industries among others.

Key features of JDN Monocrane single girder cranes: 

  • Full penetration sub-arc welded bottom flanges for superior strength and fatigue resistance
  • Line bored one piece end carriages ensure precise alignment and smooth travelling motions
  • Tapered girder ends allow the crane to occupy wasted roof space, ensuring high clearances and maximum heights of lift
  • Optional Hyperspeed and i-glide technology
  • High quality enamel paint finish

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