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Automated cranes and hoists from JDN Monocranes

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Hoist solutions from JDN Monocrane have been developed after many years of research. These hoist solutions come in capacities ranging from 1 tonne to 100 tonnes, and are available in a range of mounting options.

AH wire rope hoists from JDN Monocrane has a range of models with varying lifting heights, speeds, reeving and mounting options. The modular design and construction of the hoists allows rapid cost effective customisation as per clients’ specifications. JDN Monocrane provides comprehensive advice and assistance right from finalising the initial specifications, design to installation, commissioning and after sales service.

JDN Monocrane hoists come with the option of Hyperspeed an innovative electronic controller that allows motors to run at up to twice their rated speed under light loads. With Hyperspeed customers will get significant savings in time which translates into monetary savings as well.

JDN Monocrane ahs developed multi-purpose cabin controlled cranes that can be integrated with equipment to draw coke from the furnace pits and place coke into pits. Automated cranes from JDN Monocrane are computer controlled and can communicate with the client’s stock control computer and identify individual reels using an integrated barcode reader. The computer system on board the crane can remember the location where each reel is stored and retrieves these reels in the most efficient way.

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