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Free analysis of supply chain company operations from JDA Australia

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JDA Australia specialises in software for the supply chain industry. JDA has devised a simple and comprehensive survey which helps businesses to analyse a variety of the attributes of their operations and to compare them to some of their highest performing competitors.

The free-to-use supply chain self assessment provides a personalised company report measuring it against best-in-class standards.

The generated report discloses information and data revealing tailored strategies for high impact improvements in a variety of relevant areas and their interrelated functions.

Areas covered in the supply chain survey and report include:

  • demand management
  • inventory management
  • order fulfilment
  • sales and operations planning
  • supply management
Using the supply chain survey is a quick and simple way for any supply chain sector company to obtain constructive feedback about its unique way of running its business and operations, providing scope for making improvement.

Benefits of taking the free self assessment include:

  • very powerful analytics
  • data which leverages actual company results from thousands of mature international customers
  • publicly available financial data from thousands of other companies
  • rates an organisation against best in class
  • generates multi-dimensional spider chart highlighting areas for value assessment and potential improvement
  • uses financial metrics of the specific business
  • compares individual companies to comparable sized, same industry companies
  • identifies ways of gaining competitive advantage and growing market share
  • provides a report with results and examples from at least 20 case studies
  • demonstrates the benefits of achieving optimal transport and supply chain management
JDA has worked with more than 6 thousand companies around the world. It has used this experience to compile what it believes is the benchmark in supply chain capabilities.

Visit the JDA Australia website for more information on using the free supply chain industry self assessment.

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