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TorcUP Australia introduces Raptor series pneumatic torque wrenches

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article image Raptor series of pneumatic torque wrench

TorcUP Australia  has introduced Raptor series of industrial pneumatic torque wrenches.

The Raptor series provides continuous and repeatable torque with an accuracy of +/- 5%.

The Raptor series has high speed when it counts, which is during actual torque and not only during free nut run down.

Inherent in all Raptor models is a patented gear technology, which creates greater durability, lower operational temperatures and increased efficiency.

The Raptor series ranges in torque from 120 Ft/Lbs to 3,000 Ft/Lbs and are, Pound for Ft/lb, the lighter pneumatic wrench around.

Safety and productivity are increased with the Raptor, eliminating the use of sledge hammers and slogging spanners in confined spaces, and turning 2 and 3 man jobs into 1 person operations.

The Raptor range of torque wrench has a constant and smooth speed, making it suitable for valve actuation and maintenance. It can also be adapted to suit underground conditions and hostile environments.

The Raptor has free speeds of up to 45 RPM and with the patented FRL Basket design and a range of reaction arms and anvil extensions, creates the most durable and flexible pneumatic torque wrench.

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