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JAL636-PL pneumatic cylinder available from JATO Precision

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An open-centre pneumatic cylinder was developed by JATO Precision for high speed and high accuracy CNC lathes, which use spring collets to clamp the work parts. The JATO JAL636-PL pneumatic cylinder (JAL636-PL) has low temperature rising levels to avoid thermal error of spindle system of CNC lathes. It also decreases building cost of the machine since no hydraulic pump, tank and cooler is required.

Currently, the industrial parts are smaller and are required to be accurate in dimension than they were in the past. Many machine builders find hydraulic cylinders that are being used commonly in the industry today as an actuator of power chuck or spring collets have an unsolvable problem of temperature rising. For instance, the surface temperature of a regular hydraulic cylinder may reach 60℃ or higher when operated at 5000RPM, if no cooler is installed. The high temperature rising causes unpredictable thermal error of the spindle system and it gets worse when RPM goes higher, making it hard to keep the work part accurate. To suppress this temperature rising, the machine builders have invested more on oil cooling equipment and the cost goes higher when the RPM is required to be higher.

JAL636-PL is powered by compressed air and it helps in saving the purchase of a hydraulic tank and a hydraulic pump. The experiment shows the temperature rising of the cylinder body is less than eight degree Celsius when running at 6500RPM and further lowers the cost since no cooler is needed. JAL636-PL is compact in size and comes with low mass, 162mm (6.38”) in diameter, 144mm (5.67”) in length and 7.2kgs (15.8lbs) in weight. This pneumatic cylinder is designed to actuate 5C and compatible spring collets whose tapered angle is less than 10 degrees. JATO Precision also enhances the pulling force of JAL636-PL to 935kgf (2057lbs) when input air pressure is 7kg/cm-sq (100psi) by embedded elastic springs. This also ensures the work part to be clamped when the cylinder loses the input air pressure.

JAL636-PL was the first product of JAL series of pneumatic cylinder. JATO Precision are rewarded by Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau for designing this high performance pneumatic cylinder. JAL846-D was designed to provide clamping force with its double pistons, suitable for actuating 8” jaw type power chucks. JAL525 provides high-speed operation up to 10000RPM to work with lathes that use high-speed built-in-motor spindles.

The complete JAL series product line will be displayed in Taipei International Machine Tool Show on March 2009. JATO Precision offer limited quantity of samples of JAL636-PL for customers to evaluate the outstanding performance of JAL636-PL.

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