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Thermoforming tools from J. Shelton & Co

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J. Shelton & Co  provides various services including injection moulding, thermoforming and blow moulding services. J. Shelton & Co offers thermoforming tools for electrical & pharmaceutical and dairy & food packing markets. For diary industry, J. Shelton & Co offers form, IIIig and cut in place tooling. Belloplast, Post Trim and form tooling for Yoghurt containers are also offered by J. Shelton & Co. J. Shelton & Co offers pressure forming tooling post trimming tooling, browns & form for dairy industry. J. Shelton & Co offers rotary roll cutters and EPS form lines.

Tooling manufactured by J. Shelton & Co for the forming of materials such as; PVC or K-RESIN, POLYPROPYLENE, CPET, APET, POLYSTYRENE incorporate innovative design concepts. These could be optimum cooling, efficient exhausting of air to atmosphere, quick change inserts, sealed vacuum, stripping mechanisms, and temperature controlled manifolds for precise downstream or trimming material handling and stacking.

J. Shelton & Co offers blow moulding service where it manufactures blow moulds for PET and blow moulding industries. J. Shelton & Co has a wide knowledge in container blow moulding and PET bottle industry.

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