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Food packaging services from J & P Flexographics

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J & P Flexographics  provides food packaging services in barrier packaging, flexible packaging and plastic wraps. J & P Flexographics provides flexographic printing solutions used to print absorbent and non absorbent packaging materials. The printing solution has variety of applications including foil, plastic films and paper products.

J & P Flexographics provides quality flexographically printed products on a wide range of paper and plastic films including kraft paper, laminates, PET, LLDPE, BOPP, nylon, cello, MATT films and high gloss films.

J & P Flexographics provides microperforation services and enables to produce perforated films in packaging industry. J & P Flexographics seves wide range of packaging industries including baked foods and frozen food market. The solution is also used for fresh food packaging, absorption bladders like vegetable, salad and fruit, meat and poultry industries.

J & P Flexographics provides printing facilities on coated, clear, opaque and heat sealable packaging papers and films.

J & P Flexographics sources its materials fro various countries across the globe. J & P Flexographics provides microperforated film which can be used for oven and microwave applications. The micro perforated film is used in variety of applications including pies, pasties, sausage rools, snack foods and convenience foods.

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