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Industrial chemical from J&N Chemical Recycling

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J&N Chemical Recycling  is a company which specialises in supplying chemicals worldwide. J&N Chemical Recycling buy, resell and recycle unwanted chemicals. J&N Chemical Recycling is also a supplier if industrial fragrance. J&N Chemical Recycling imports and exports all kinds of chemicals and fragrance. J&N Chemical Recycling does chemical waste disposal with the aid of its licensed waste division which works in accordance to EPA regulation. J&N Chemical Recycling also helps in removing the waste drum to its depot for pump out and transports the remaining waste to a registered EPA disposal.

J&N Chemical Recycling offers special surplus chemicals aluminium chlorohydrate, degressal, kemmat, petro, ploigen, mobilcer, permashield, lockguard, megrease, repellen, texapon, basoplast, resin, calwet, triton, dowicil, urea, resin, SMA 100A premix, EDNOR mek12 – 18, calwet NFI – Z, Repellen ZN, Repplen HY – N, Triton X – 305, Methyl ethyl ketoxime, poligen PE, Sodium fluoride, Technimul 9144.

J&N Chemical Recycling also offers some chemicals including pot chloride, pot permengenate, proform, rosin, maleic anhydride, liquid caustic soda, di cal phosphate, hydrated lime, magnesium oxide, HI sil HOA, Foam ban 550.

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