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Case Study: Installing a scalable cloud computing system for manufacturers

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A cloud-based accounting solution from J Curve Solutions was implemented at Win United Hoses & Fittings, a family owned and operated small business and supplier of industrial and hydraulic hoses, fittings and valves Australia-wide.

Win United sought a one stop solution to manage their business and meet their expectations for excellent customer service. 

The cornerstone of the business is their extensive inventory comprising of 11,000 line items, with up to 4,000 in stock at any one time. The business also prides itself on its exceptional customer service; for example, it’s not unusual for customers to want a single order to be sent to multiple delivery addresses and have invoices sent to multiple email contact points as well. 

While these requests were very reasonable, Win United’s IT systems didn’t have the flexibility to meet customer requests and deliver the expected level of service. 

Sales Manager Lennie Wiggins explained that the company was using a cloud based accounting package together with a standalone CRM to manage the business, but found they had already outgrown the system and become frustrated about its lack of flexibility within just six months. 

Lennie was clear about what he wanted in the new system: While it still needed to be a cloud based solution allowing access from anywhere, he wanted a complete package instead of multiple systems bolted together. He also sought the ability to customise the system so that it worked according to the ways of their business.

An independent expert that Win United consulted recommended JCurve Accounting software. The company decided to make the transition at the start of a new financial year. 

Since the implementation of JCurve, one of the biggest improvements has been in the time taken to complete purchase orders - as much as 50% faster than was previously possible.

Processes such as bulk invoicing, receiving stock and sending goods out have improved as well, while significant time saving is being achieved thanks to the JCurve’s ability to select multiple sales orders and update their status. 

More broadly, the business is also benefitting from the improved operational processes. Quotes are converted to sales orders, sales orders are picked, packed and shipped, and then invoices are emailed automatically. The automatic issuing of invoices has mitigated any risk of invoices not being sent, and has improved cash flow with invoices being sent as soon as the goods are shipped. 

Win United has also taken advantage of the CRM functionality in JCurve, using it to record customer visits and calls. The progression of customers is also recorded, with account managers being able to see when a contact transfers from being a prospect to a customer. Customers are then tracked on a weekly and monthly basis to understand if the company’s marketing efforts are working, and identify any changes and trends in customer behaviour. 

Lennie also appreciates the reporting functionality in JCurve, which provides him typical reports such as Sales to Date, Outstanding Quotes, and Total Inventory, as well as personalised dashboards. As a manager, Lennie has a customised dashboard so he can see, at a glance, Sales by State, Quotes to Close, Customer Profitability Summary, Monthly New Customers, Monthly Receivables, and Monthly Inventory. Team performance is also managed via a dashboard. 

Lennie sums up the JCurve as a solution that provides him all the information he needs in one system.

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